Top 100 alternative search engines other than Google

I believe almost all of the time you use Google to search for anything you would like to find on the Internet. In fact, Google is used by millions of people every day in more than 80 languages, it has expanded beyond just searches to encompass shopping, news, blogs and even a service that blocks pop-up ads (the Google toolbar).

Now Google is a noun, adjective and verb!

But, have you ever wondered what are the other search engines on the Internet? Of course there are the more widely used such as Yahoo, MSN and Can you name me a few more?

Haha, I bet you can’t name more than 10 search engines, no worries, Charles S. Knight, SEO has already compiled a handy list of the top 100 alternative search engines on Read/Write Web.


What about give ChaCha a try today? ChaCha is a human-powered search engine as it employs people to help users sift through the results. This is done using a familiar chat interface on the site. Basically, you chat with the human guide on what you are trying to look for, and the human will answer your questions and guide you! Isn’t this great! My test shows that it’s a little slow as we need to wait for the response from the guide. However, chating with the guide was so much fun that I almost forgot what I went there for! 🙂