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Laptop detectors: Truth or Myth?

4Jan2013 Filed under: Security

The Internet is abuzz with talk of laptop detectors which are used by thieves to target vehicles with laptops in them. These laptop detectors are devices that can somehow detect the presence of laptops in vehicles, even in the trunk. Is it true?

Biometric scanners are becoming prevalent in our everyday lives. With current implementations such as facial recognition and the all time favourite fingerprint scan, it’s a small wonder biometric scans are now to be used at ATMs in Japan. Starting September of this year, Japan’s Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank will be putting in these new ATMs, developed […]

Why I hate Windows Vista

5Jan2010 Filed under: Microsoft, Security, Windows

This is the year where the switch to Windows 7 will gain momentum. Not least because of existing Vista users who are so sick and tired of their bulky and inferior OS. Despised and loathed by many, Vista will be dying an uncelebrated death this year. I’ve decided not to pen my own words for […]

Malaysia’s Internet Filtering and Censoring

14Sep2009 Filed under: Computing, Security

Guess what, Malaysia made it on to the front page of Slashdot! The story however, is a bit less pleasant. Recently the Malaysian Government have announced they are planning to implement and enforce a set of Internet filtering schemes that many are saying is similar to China’s failed Green Dam Internet filtering initiative. Are we […]

In the United States, many organizations don’t take too kindly to your downloading of copyrighted materials without paying the copyright holders some cash. Hence organizations like the RIAA and MPAA have taken many illegal downloaders to court to sue them for infringing copyright. One of the ways that these organizations establish a case against you […]