Why I hate Windows Vista

This is the year where the switch to Windows 7 will gain momentum. Not least because of existing Vista users who are so sick and tired of their bulky and inferior OS. Despised and loathed by many, Vista will be dying an uncelebrated death this year. I’ve decided not to pen my own words for its eulogy… being the nice person that I am, instead I’ve asked one of our readers to write down what’s wrong with Windows Visa. So here it goes…

….millions of people depend on Windows Vista software. While Windows dominate the market, feedback about Vista has been less than impressive. One of the key reasons is the fact that while you may have a PC with the minimum system requirements, excess codes from its graphics and utilities would reduce the performance of your pc. Another irritating fact about vista is the fact that many applications cannot work without a vendor update. Imagine the horror one goes through when basic applications like anti-virus, CD burning tools and even browser tools like Firefox require updates to be able to work. To add to one’s misery, Vista is also a favourite target for malware authors!

Nightmare of Windows user

Besides that, Vista’s 64-bit versions complicate matters further by prohibiting any drivers besides the signed ones for kernel mode installation. Even via system administrators to override this feature is an uphill task. Another reason why Vista users are frustrated is the fact that it has a flawed memory protection system that can be easily bypassed! With a weak file backup, problems arise when you attempt to backup files unless it is thought to be part of the operating system.

Premium Price, Hopeless Performance

For the price paid, many of the features Vista offers to its users are a nuisance that do nothing but slow down the computer. These include the rather redundant Super Fetch and even background services like Web Client and PnP-X IP Bus Enumerator Service to name a few. It is rather amusing to know that the software has many features that makes it not only annoying but unproductive!

Last but definitely not the least is the fact that Vista is guarded by a rather severe licensing system that allows allows the transfer of the license only once. This is a fact that many of us overlook when reading the terms and conditions. Value for money? Likely not!

So goobye Windows Vista, so long, farewell, adieu… . RIP