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Ordering food at a food court usually means placing your order at the counter and waiting in line. Australian design firm S-Digital is set to change that by implementing some technology into the fray. The Brand Table is a concept application that’s designed to take your order via a mobile device, where your item selection […]

Poop-Powered Motorcycle Tours Japan

18Oct2011 Filed under: Others

As far as alternative fuel sources to power our vehicles have gone, we have tried to harness from a variety of different sources, such as solar energy and electrical energy to keep those wheels turning. Now, a stranger fuel is being used to power TOTO‘s Toilet Bike Neo: human excrement.

Scientists have long been fascinated by the human grey matter, and recent studies have been able to shed some light on how we view the world. Scientists at UC Berkeley have used brain imaging and computer simulations reconstructed from neural data to show us how images are seen inside our brains.

Your Dream Vacation… In Space

6Sep2011 Filed under: Others

When we think of space travel today, what comes to mind would probably be the International Space Station (ISS), with all their astronauts and cosmonauts. Although there has long been talk of space tourism, where the non-scientist can visit space for fun, Russian company Orbital Technologies is taking it a step further with its plans […]

Ramadan Buffet

10Aug2011 Filed under: Others

I’ve hardly ever posted things about my home country on this blog, so let’s show you something different today. Here’s a popular past-time in Malaysia this time of the year, it’s known as the Ramadan Buffet. Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar when Muslims round the world enter into a period of […]