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Form & Funtionality with Orée’s Wooden Keyboard

18Dec2012 Filed under: Computing, Gadgets

Keyboards are usually run-of-the-mill and boring, but we have seen some innovations that are changing the way we make our favorite text input devices. We’ve seen the modular keyboard and washable keyboard, and to add to this list, design company Orée have come up with a beautiful handcrafted keyboard that exudes style like no other.

Dell Inspiron Duo: Hybrid Netbook/Tablet

21Sep2010 Filed under: Computing, Gadgets

Tablet PCs are all the rage these days, with products like the iPad on the market. Netbooks are also becoming increasingly popular with their portable size, which essentially makes them a mini laptop. So what makes the perfect matrimony of the two products? Dell’s Inspiron Duo certainly fits the criteria.

Facial recognition software certainly is not something new or foreign, but having such a software made publicly available is. This new program is able to scan a person’s face and then searches the web for all the photographs of that person.

There are times when Windows Explorer dies on you and takes with it, the Windows’ desktop and toolbar, together with the system notification area (aka system tray). Or Windows become annoyingly SLOW and something appears to be HOGGING your processor. Upon checking the Task Manager, you might see “Explorer (Not Responding)”, which can go on […]

Macbook Pro – An Amateur’s Review

23Aug2010 Filed under: Apple and Mac, Computing

I’ve been a PC/Windows user all my life. But just recently, after installing Windows 7 on my Dell Vostro laptop (which was running Windows Vista), I’m starting to experience my fair share of Windows problems. So I decided jump ship and join the Apple camp – here’s a look at my new toy… a shiny […]