Form & Funtionality with Orée’s Wooden Keyboard

Keyboards are usually run-of-the-mill and boring, but we have seen some innovations that are changing the way we make our favorite text input devices.

We’ve seen the modular keyboard and washable keyboard, and to add to this list, design company Orée have come up with a beautiful handcrafted keyboard that exudes style like no other.

Made in France, the handmade keyboard looks like the perfect companion for one who wishes to have a little bit of nature in this artificial world we live in today. The keyboard is made to function as well as it looks, with different key layouts for different language inputs that you may choose.

Compatibility shouldn’t be much of an issue – this keyboard is universally compatible with any device as long as the device is Bluetooth 3.0 capable.

Available for €125.00 on Orée’s website, you can choose the keyboard layout according to language, operating system, font and even personalise it with a carving or two. The keyboards also come in a choice of Maple and Walnut.

Orée’s keyboards are beautiful to behold, and I would love to get one for myself if not for the steep price-tag  I don’t know about you but this has gotten me to think of having a wooden mouse to go with the keyboard. I don’t know how comfortable a wooden mouse can be, but it would certainly look great together.