I have just got back from the year end edition of PIKOM PC Fair 2007. Held at the KL Convention Center, next to KLCC. The venue is good as it’s big and new, definitely much better than the old PWTC. But the traffic was damn heavy this afternoon, for a moment I thought some street […]

PIKOM PC Fair 2007 coming again!

It doesn’t matter if you have missed the previous two rounds of PIKOM PC Fair, or you simply miss the PC Fair babes because a third round is coming to us real soon! Yes, you saw it in the news. Malaysia’s largest ICT fair is back with even more irresistible gadgets and computer accessories… and […]

Setting up a home network

I need a little help from you tech geeks! My friend showed me his network configurations. I don’t have physical access to his computer and modem because he’s staying in Nilai and I am in KL. But his network is something like the following. From my understanding, the 1394 Connection in Windows Network Connections should […]

Windows 7 (Vista successor) presentation

Earlier this month, Microsoft’s distinguished engineer Eric Traut gave a presentation at the University of Illinois about Microsoft’s virtualization technology. He also talked about where the Windows core is going and ended with a sneak peek at the kernel of the next version of Windows (Windows Vista successor), known by the exciting codename of Windows […]

4G wireless broadband in Malaysia

UPDATE 8 April 2009 Check out the latest offering from P1, the P1 WiMAX USB Modem. It’s so small and sexy you will want to bring it with you all the time… Indeed, now you could go online anytime and anywhere. Coverage area is expanding everyday. Click here for more details. Have you heard of […]

What is your Streamyx speed?

Everyone complain his Internet connection is slow. Those who are using Tmnet dial-up say so… those who are using Streamyx also complain Tmnut is cheating on them because they do not notice any speed improvement, or more precisely constant disconnection especially when they are using Bittorent to download movies! Let’s test our Internet speed today […]

Top broadband speeds in the world

Picture tells a thousand words. Check this comparison graph showing countries with the top broadband speed in the world. Surprisingly Japan tops the list and not the United States as most would expect… Don’t ever mention Malaysia here OK. It will be a joke of the year if you did that! Click for bigger picture […]