Boost Streamyx connection speed?

I was in Mid Valley Megamall the other day and happened to walk past a computer store in the IT Center. The 3 hugh antennas on this Dlink router caught my attention. Why do you need 3 antennas on a router? Upon further inspection, I realized it’s to boost the wireless range of the router […]

PC Fair 2007

PC Fair is here again! To be exact, it should be PIKOM PC Fair (II) 2007, and was concluded last Sunday at KL Convention Center. This was the second PC Fair in 2007, with another one coming up at the end of the year. I believe this sort of exhibitions are great for PC business […]

Let’s join Streamyx Sucks

Are you satisfied with your Streamyx connection lately? Stable and no intermittent connection? You have no complaints whatsoever on the speed of Malaysia’s largest broadband company? – If you answered “yes” to all the above, then most likely you are a very light Streamyx user who have not online for the past few days. (Image […]

PIKOM PC Fair 2007

Good news for those of you who are thinking of buying a new computer, a new laptop, or any related gadgets. PIKOM PC Fair (II) 2007 is coming to town very soon! Yes, notice the (II) in the event’s name? These days they have so many times of PC Fair in a year, in fact […]

Telekom Netmyne data center tour

Today was my lucky day as I get to follow my boss to the famous Telekom Netmyne data center which is located at Brickfields. My boss would like to co-locate a web server at the data center… as he needed some strong hands to help him carry the server, he asked me to tag along. […]

My new Compaq Presario laptop

I have just bought myself a brand new Compaq Presario laptop which costed about RM3500. Not extremely expensive, but should be expensive if we were to compare with a similar Dell unit. No many branded computers can beat Dell in terms of pricing I guess. The laptop is completely black in color. The glossy black […]

World’s cheapest laptop at RM350

Do you think I am crazy if I told you that you can get a brand new laptop at RM350 only? Yes, these laptops which cost no more than RM350 are new and not refurbished computers! These are actually the long awaited US$100 (RM350) mini-computer from the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative. It is […]