Firefox 3 quick review

On June 17th, something wonderful happened. Firefox 3 was finally released to the general masses at 1pm EST. Once the download link was available, I immediately clicked the download button faster than a cheetah pouncing on its prey. After almost a month trying the browser out, I decided to write what I like and hate […]

Two great alternative web browsers for Mac, Shiira and Camino

If you are a Mac user then you could use one of the 4 major browsers (excluding Internet Explorer) such as the default Safari, Firefox and Opera. These tie up 99% of the browser market but that doesn’t mean you have to be restricted to only these applications. There are a number of very viable […]

Best Online Office Suites quick reviews

The concept has been around for decades now, in fact ever since the very birth of the Internet itself. One day online web services would take over from OS-bound conventional desktop software and we would have access to all our data from anywhere and at anytime. As of yet no application has successfully bridged the […]