Quirky Printers: Smell Postcards, Chocolate Photographs, Sunlight T-Shirts

Printers have long since been used to create many a document, artwork and even self-made books. We’ve also seen amazing 3D printers that make model work a piece of cake.

Now here are some more innovative uses of printers that people have thought up of: Printing smells, chocolate photographs and using a bit of sunlight to print on fabric.

The first quirky printer is the brainchild of Li Jingxuan, a Chinese student from the Fashion and Art Design Institute of Donghua University. This particular printer came from an idea that its creator had in wanting to catalogue the smells of delicious food she encounters during trips. It works by putting an aroma sensor onto the top of the device to sample aroma and recreate the smell using a mixture of aroma inks. While so far it is still a concept, it certainly sounds like an interesting idea.

The second printer is a delicious work of art, literally. Created by Rae Vittorelli, a graduate of New York’s School of Visual Arts, and now owner of Philly Cake Art, the Cocaograph is basically “artisan chocolate bars printed with edible Polaroid-style photographs.” Cocaographs are available in three flavours, milk, dark or white-chocolate. Despite being based in the US, these Cocaographs do ship worldwide.

The last printer comes from the print design team Lumi, who have come up with a new technique for printing onto fabric. The print technique, coined as the Lumi Process starts with taking a picture using your smartphone and then converting it to a black and white negative using the Lumityper app. The negative is then printed onto transparent film. Now with any fabric of your choosing that has been applied with Inkodye, Lumi’s proprietary water-based dye, pin the film onto the fabric and leave in the sun for 10 minutes and you have a printed shirt. Nothing short of amazing!