More Gesture Control with SoftKinetic’s DephSense 325

Gesture control is abundant nowadays, as with the Leap Motion and yet more Kinect rivals are cropping up.

Another Kinect contender rushes into the fray with SoftKinetic‘s DephSense 325.

The DephSense 325 is a pocket-sized camera (which the company claims is the world’s smallest such device) and it can “see” in high-definition 2D and also depict 3D depth.

The camera is sensitive enough that it can detect finger movement from as close as 10cm. Not even the Kinect can come close to beating that, with its current technology.

Watch a demo of the DephSense 325 here.

The accuracy of the system is not too bad, and it is able to pick up movements easily, even to the small hand gestures.

The kit is aimed not only for PC video games, but also for video conferencing and many other immersive computer applications. It comes with dual integrated microphones as well, for any audio interaction.

The DephSense 325 Professional Kit is available for pre-order now at SoftKinetic’s online store. It will be shipped out to customers within the coming weeks. It cashes in at US$249, which is about half the price of its predecessor, the DepthSense 311 with its pricetag of US$499.

Gesture technology is just cropping up all over the place! This kit is not only small, it looks like it works quite well too. I would love to get one for myself, so that I’ll no longer need a wireless keyboard and mouse when I’m working with a large display.