Brand Table Concept Changes the Way You Order at the Food Court

Ordering food at a food court usually means placing your order at the counter and waiting in line. Australian design firm S-Digital is set to change that by implementing some technology into the fray.

The Brand Table is a concept application that’s designed to take your order via a mobile device, where your item selection and payment occurs.

Brand Table uses what is known as NFC (near field communication) technology that allows for simplified transactions, data exchange and wireless connections between two devices in close proximity. In the case of the Brand Table, the device would be your phone and circular stickers containing NFC tags that are secured to the tabletop. All you would need to do is to tap your mobile device to the sticker, which will launch a menu and ordering page for the restaurant.

Users can place their orders and even pay through the mobile site, without having to bother with the hassle of waiting in line and ordering from the counter. When the order is ready, your mobile phone would buzz to signal that your order is up.

Check out the video demo here, that uses Google’s Samsung Nexus S.

I do wonder when and if this kind of technology will slowly start to take over the way we pay for everything. The concept does give us a foresight of the future one day, when such technology is more accessible and widespread. Until then, I think I’ll have to suffer through the lines in the food courts.