Viber App Lets You Call, Text For Free Over 3G & Wi-Fi

The world is getting smaller with the advent of technology that allows us to connect to each other over long distances almost instantaneously. With Viber’s VoIP app, this is all the more true as it lets you call or text any one of your friends who also has the app installed.

Originally released last year for the iOS, Viber is now finally being released for Android. The application is available for free and boosts a number of functions that makes you all the more connected with your friends and family, provided that they are also using the app.

Calls and text messages are for free, being limited only to the availability of an internet connection, it all depends on your phone’s data plan (or indeed access to a WiFi connection). Phone calls also sound much better than your regular call. The app requires no registration and even allows you the use of your existing phone number and contact list.

For text messages, there is a built-in function that allows you to reply directly to a message without opening the app. You can also view call logs in-app from non-Viber calls and you can set Viber as the default dialer for all applications.

There is also cross-platform support, which means you can make calls to your all your buddies, regardless of whatever OS their phones are running. Sounds like a sweet deal to me!

I think there’s going to be some competition with existing apps like Skype and WhatsApp, but by far Viber sounds to be the best app of its kind yet.