RD Mute, Android App That Mutes Your Phone

Well, there are obviously plenty of reasons for you to mute your phone. I do it when I’m working, sleeping, driving in my car, and at the cinema. Whatever your reasons for doing it, it’s not always ideal for you to have to pick up your phone and fiddle with the settings. I know I’m especially bad at remembering to turn the sound back on again after I’ve muted it.

RD Mute is here to help with that. It’s an Android Phone app that mutes your phone when it’s turned upside down.

Basically the app works by turning the sound off your phone when you out it face down. Flip your phone over and the sound turns back on again and you can get back to whatever you were doing.

The best thing about the app? It’s absolutely free and requires no setup to use. (Rather than having to pay US$5 for Tasker, which can do the same thing, and then some)

RD Mute also has a little extra function, and though it seems unrelated to the basic function of the app, it’s still pretty cool. The app can mute your phone while you are driving, so you don’t get distracted by any incoming calls or text messages. You can pick the speed at which you want your phone to mute itself, and even send a text to your friends so when they call you they know you are driving and that you’ll call them back soon.

The text feature only applies to the driving mode though, and that’s if you’re going at 50mph or more.

It would be great if the text feature could be integrated into the regular ‘face-down-mute’ function of the phone, say if you had your phone face down for 10 or 15 minutes it could text your friends to let them know you are unavailable.

Still, RD Mute is an awesome Android app. You can get it here from the Android Market.