Quirky Trek Support Backpack: Charges Your Gadgets On The Go

Backpacks are aplenty out in the market, with solar panels and bulky batteries that supposedly are able to charge your gadgets while you’re out and about, but most of them are just unsightly and just plain impractical.

Quirky’s Trek Support backpack is here to change all that. Not only is it a fully functional charging station for your laptop and other gadgets you may have on you, it is also a TSA-compliant laptop bag that safe to travel with and doesn’t look at all out of place in the streets.

The design is meant to be comfortable, ergonomic and useful and I think Quirky has managed it with Trek Support. The bag features a clam-shell design, and the main compartment is able to hold up to a 15-inch laptop. The backpack is created from waterproof nylon to keep your gadgets safe in case of wet weather.

Inside the main pocket, there is a nylon padded board that holds your laptop still as you move about. There are also mesh pockets sewn on the nylon board to hold your smaller gadgets. At the bottom of the bag is the rechargeable battery that charges your gadgets via USB while you’re out and about.

As with Quirky products, Trek Support was designed by and for the community, and the backpack is only available for pre-order. Once enough orders are through, then Quirky will start manufacturing the backpack. The Trek Support costs $130.