Gamer Font with a Difference

For those of you web & graphic designers who want something different, there’s a unique font for you to use.

To fulfill the needs of those font loving gamers out there, designer Varun Vachhar has created the Console Font.

Each and every letter of the font set is designed stylistically based on a host of gaming consoles! From classic to current consoles, the Atari to the X-Box, and even an N-Gage is thrown in, the individual letters look almost like stand-alone icons by themselves.

It’s certainly eye-catching enough, and I do love the idea of the consoles and their controllers representing the letters and numbers.

But one thing I don’t like about the font is that some of the letters don’t appear to be based on any console that I’ve ever seen, but maybe that’s just me. Another quip from me would probably be the readability of the font. I actually took me a while to figure out the letters K and F.

Oftentimes in the creation of stylistic fonts, there is a tendency to abandon legibility for the sake of design; at least this isn’t one of the most illegible fonts I’ve ever come across.

It could definitely still use some tweaking (see the letter G and number 5) but I think it’s an interesting take on typography. As it was based on the Objectified poster, I can definitely see where the idea and design came from, but it makes you wonder if there have been more ideas like this floating around out there that haven’t been discovered yet.

Although Console Font has been creative and fun, but I personally don’t see the stylistic font lending itself to too many uses. What say you?