Upgrade Your Browser with Firefox 3.5!

Firefox 3.5 is now released and ready for download!

Having been using Mozilla Firefox version 3.0 for almost 3-4 months now, I must say I’m totally impressed with this browser and anticipating for its 3.5 ever since the initial announcement. Let’s see what has the new release in store for us:

1. Faster – With the addition of the brand new JavaScript engine called TraceMonkey, Firefox 3.5 promised a two times faster browsing performance than the previous 3.0. This is a time-saver for me since multitasking has been going on and I’m sure many of you will appreciate the necessity of getting a well performed and stable browser.

2. More Privacy Options – The latest version has upgraded its browsing privacy level. Instead of just clearing the browser history, now it provides more options in:

a) Private Browsing: By turning ON this feature via Tools> Start Private Browsing, whatever sites you’ve visited afterward won’t be recorded. Don’t panic when seeing all your other browsers closed abruptly, you’ll get them back by stopping the browsing:  Go Tools> Stop Private Browsing.

private browsing

b) Forget About This Site: Erase the particular sites from history instead of clearing all with  History > Show All History > (right click) Forget this site

forget about this site

c) Clear recent browsing: Clear browsing history based on time ranges from last hour, 2-4 hours ago, today or everything, using Tools> Clear Recent History

clear recent history

3. Retrieve closed windows/tabs –In previous version, Firefox could only recover last closed tab. But now, it has enhanced this feature to retrieve recently closed windows/tabs via: History > Recently closed windows @ tabs. Let’s just say that browsing experience won’t be that frustrating anymore.

recently closed

4. Play Video – It used to be impossible to play videos using browser. Now, Firefox 3.5 makes it happen while supporting player controls and file saving as well. Just right click the video, and it will all lay out for you. This is a good news for web developers as they could do more, such as including effects or links within the video.

save video

5. Location Aware Browsing – Not meant to scare you, but by authorizing Firefox to share your location based on IP, info on nearby wireless access points etc, you can now make your location transparent to websites that involve Geo-location service, by Share or Don’t Share.

share location

share location2

6. Support New Web Technology – Web developers couldn’t be happier since Firefox 3.5 is now supporting various new web technologies, such as creative fonts downloads, CSS improvements for stylizing your pages, web worker threads and more. Just imagining all the cool things you could do to optimize your page browsing, and even incorporate media files for projects like animation etc.

Besides all these, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 is all about personalizing your browser with add-ons, just like old times sake. Get your new release today, and tell us what you think of it?