Apple iPhone OS 3.0 Sneak Peek

The next major upgrade to Apple’s mobile Mac OSX, also called the iPhone OS 3.0 is just around the corner, and Apple has recently released a sneak peek video of all the tasty new stuff that’s going to be made available. The presentation is for developers though, so there is more emphasis on technical info.

The new functions are split into three major categories and we will take a look at each.

iPhone OS 3.0

Peer-to-peer connectivity over Bluetooth is now possible for gaming and info-swapping, which is very useful because you and your friend no longer need to be connected to the same WiFi hotspot in order to do those things. Mobile phones such as the Ngage from Nokia has this feature for a long time now, and Apple shows they are being serious in pushing the iPhone and iPod Touch as a mobile gaming device.

Paid apps can now have subscription-based fees as well as optional paid content, which is a major boon for one game in mind: Tapulous’ Tap Tap games. For years they have offered their music for free, as they were not allowed to charge for paid content. With this system, expect to see this app skyrocket with more exclusive tracks and new, premium music! Of course this new model will encourage more creative games and things like download-able levels, etc.

Push function for developers so that it’s not only limited to official apps and streaming video and audio, as well as allowing in-game voice use. This means more Web 2.0 applications will be near the horizon and apps can now call out to Google Maps, allowing for more unique uses.

For the general functionality side, we can finally use Cut and Paste, allowing you to shake the phone for an undo/redo dialog box should you wish to do either. MMS and stereo Bluetooth is also finally available via A2DP, and there will be a new Spotlight function so you can finally search across your apps, contacts, metadata, but not email. One more exciting piece of info is that Bluetooth is finally enabled on the iPod Touch 2!

iPhone OS 3.0

As for the Apple official Apps side, we can have a new app called Voice Memo, which does exactly what you think it does (only for iPhone obviously), landscape view for Mail, Text and Notes, Note syncing, YouTube account support and a shake-to-shuffle feature for iPod. Nothing special here but it adds to the little things.

The update is now available for developers, and will hopefully be released for the general public not long after. It’s free for iPhone users, but you need to shell out $9.95 if you want one on the iPod Touch, just like the last iPhone OS update. Oh well, I’m sure jailbroken iPods won’t find this too much of a problem. ;-).