iPod Touch 2 Jailbroken and Free

After about six months since its release, the jailbreak community celebrates another milestone in the fight against Apple tyranny by releasing the first jailbreak solution for the newest iPod Touch, also known as the Touch 2.

The saga of the Touch 2’s jailbreak journey is long and exciting. When Apple first announced the device, fans were happy to pick it up because the features, such as volume control, integrated speakers and a nicer and sleeker form-factor beats the older Touch by a comfortable margin. But it wasn’t long before people realized the new Touch cannot be jailbroken using existing techniques developed for the iPhone and the original Touch.

iPod Touch 2

The reason is that Apple added some new circuits and changed some of the IC, thus fixing the older loophole that allowed jailbreak to be possible. Ever since then, the race is on by developers chr0nic and the iPhone Dev Team to find a new way to break the system.

It took a few months before the first jailbreak, also called Red Sn0w, was released by the iPhone Dev Team. It exploits some features of the new Touch chips, but was limited due to the fact that it needs to be connected to the computer and have some special commands sent to the iPod before it will boot. Thus, anytime the device restarts or hangs, you cannot boot it until you find a computer and plug it in. It is also known as the tethered jailbreak.

A few weeks after that, somebody threw together a way to have the Touch 2 boot successfully without having to connect to a computer, but if this happens, you will not have access to any applications or features that depend on your device being jailbroken. You will boot into a virgin iPod and only have access to native programs, but that’s better than being stuck with a non-booting iPod so many people made the switch.

A few weeks after that, a new and complete jailbreak is finally released that addresses the problem of booting. It’s released by the iPhone Dev Team as a result of seeing copies of a commercial app that does exactly what they have discovered. Hence in order to prevent the person from monetizing what is essentially a community effort and get rich off the work of others, they have decided to release it for free.

They were holding back the release until after Apple announces their next mobile device, be it the iPhone 3 or the iPod Touch 3, in the hopes that they will not fix the hole and force the jailbreakers back to square one. However, their hands were forced, and no doubt the method that this current jailbreak uses will be fixed by Apple in their next device.

Whatever the case, the iPod Touch 2 is now officially jailbroken, and you can check this tutorial out if you are using the tethered jailbreak for a way to convert it into the untethered version, or if you are starting from scratch, this tutorial will better suit you. An easier way/application is on the way, but for the impatient, the above links are good enough and come with comprehensive tutorials.