Looking for a good mouse

I have been doing some research as I’m looking to put down some cash on a good mouse, but I want to maximize my performance per dollar ratio in order to get the best deal. And with today’s competitive gaming mouse market, you are bound to be blindsided by the incredible amount of advertising and marketing speak that would render any sane consumer a mindless zombie slaving his money to the next company to flash some cleavage topped off with a dose of 3D graphics.

Computer girl

But no. Reason must prevail. If you are even remotely a gamer, you should know that companies like Razer exist only to sell you highly overpriced mice which is supposedly justified with a backing of quality and excellence that they claim no one else is able to match. Of course, since this is their specialty, you are inclined to believe that they must be the best at what they do.

Well, let’s have a little reality check; you don’t have to shell out top dollar for exclusivity because the best mice from companies like Microsoft and Logitech can more than equal the competitiveness of specialty companies like Razer, Everglide, Titan and the lot of these companies. With that in mind, I present to you a very technical and comprehensive benchmark called MouseScore 2007.

MouseScore 2007

The benchmark is done by a website called ES Reality, a site dedicated to professional gaming clans and cover FPS and RTS pro gaming events, hence they have some serious credibility among hardcore gamers. The results of their comprehensive 22-page test show that surprisingly the Logitech MX500 overclocked (yes they overclocked a mouse!) wins top honors followed by the MX518 and MX300. The Razer Diamondback is just shy of the top 3 followed by the Krait. Surprising results indeed.

Logitech mouse

Of course, since then, all players involved have released a lot of new mouse. As far as I know, there is no MouseScore 2008 yet, although I hope they will release it soon. But for discerning gamers who want a decent mouse of yesteryear without breaking the bank, the above chart can give a great reference to compare between mice. As for me, I’ll be getting an MX518 brand new for half the price of the Razer mice, and know that they perform equally well too.