Samsung to launch new Google Phone in Q2 2009

We will be seeing a slew of new Google phones next year, that’s for sure, and Samsung seems to be throwing in the gauntlet and expects to have their own Google Phone out in the second quarter of 2009.


The first Google Phone by HTC called the HTC G1 only had average performance in the market, but to no fault of the Android operating system powering it. Most of the criticisms were leveled at the design of the phone, which had a less than satisfying keyboard and screen. To that end, Samsung Electronics have assembled together a team of 80 comprising of Linux and Java experts together with other engineers to design a phone that could extend the capabilities of Android beyond HTC’s G1.

Sprint is also in the race to be the next to launch a new Google Phone. The competition in the smartphone sector is heating up and Symbian and Windows Mobile devices have started to lose market share to Apple’s iPhone OS and Android. I also predict that a slew of China handphones based on Android to be the next big thing to watch out for.

Samsung’s new phone is likely to be fully touchscreen-based, similar to the Omnia and iPhone from Apple.