Bush shoe throw game

The incident in which Iraqi journalist, Muntadar al-Zeidi tossed his shoes at US President George W. Bush during a Baghdad press conference recently, has turned into a fast-moving Internet meme, spawning dozens of games and video pranks.

Let’s check out a few of the games which were inspired by this shoe throwing incident.

Sock and Awe
A pun on the US military strategy of “shock and awe”. This game gives the player 30 seconds to try to hit Bush as many times as possible, with shoes of course!

Bush shoe game

The game is pretty addictive but needless to say it’s difficult to hit President Bush in the face. I only managed to do 10 in one go… the best on the hall of fame is 35! Try yourself and see if you can beat the record! Play Sock and Awe.

Bush’s Boot Camp game

Bush’s Boot Camp game is slightly different although it offers the same level of fun and excitement.

In this game, you are the secret service. You need to fire at the shoes that were thrown at the President, otherwise the President loses health when he’s hit by the shoes. Try it, you will surely like the game!

Credit to the creator of this excellent flash game.

Flying Babush

Flying Babush is another flash game inspired by this incident. You are the President in this game and you need to duck to avoid being hit by the flying shoes. Stay alive as long as possible.

Bush flash game

Play Flying Babush now!

Bush’s Shoe Dodge

If you hadn’t had enough fun with the above games, then try Bush’s Shoe Dodge. You need to dodge the flying shoes by hitting the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. Three strikes and you are out!

Bush shoe flash game

In this game Muntazar al-Zaidi has an unlimited shoe supply! Play Bush’s Shoe Dodge.

Bush Shoe Game

I know you had lots of fun by now, but don’t miss this last game in the series! Simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard to do the trick!

Tired of playing ducking and dodging? Haha… go take a break and come back for more games!