I know you just love netbooks – those ultra light-weight laptops with unbelievable capabilities. I myself begin to fall in love with light-weight laptops too, in particular this Asus EEE PC 701 4GB which retails at about RM1,000. EEE – Easy to learn, easy to work, and easy to play On, a Malaysian webstore, […]

iGoogle Artist Themes

I know iGoogle isn’t something released yesterday nor are its artist themes. But it’s still interesting to check out what themes there are where you can use to personalize your Google homepage. Yeah, give that simple boring homepage a face lift! Google has obviously collaborated with many designers/artists to create many beautiful themes for the […]

Discover the underground world of IRC filesharing

As ISPs scramble to block P2P access and throttle torrent connections, many are finding out the frustration of watching their download speeds slow to a crawl, fully realizing that their connections are capable of going so much faster! In the past, there are ways around this, such as using TorrentFlux to bypass the ISP throttle. […]