Real Estate WordPress Theme

This WordPress theme looks so perfectly good, but worry not, it isn’t a premium theme which you have to buy to use it. Instead, I am releasing this WordPress theme for free, under the open source GPL license.

Real Estate theme

That’s a sneak peek at how the homepage of the blog is going to look like. The theme is optimized to take two 250×250 Google Adsense ads on the homepage right beside the featured post. I strongly recommend placing an image Adsense ad on the left, and a text Adsense ad to its right. The click through should be high… 🙂

To change the Google Adsense ads to yours, you simply need to open up the index.php file in the theme’s folder and edit two lines.

Adsense codes

Scroll to lines 17 and 22, and replace them with your relevant Google Adsense codes. Simple as that.

WordPress theme footer

For this Real Estate WordPress theme, I have decided to put the “sidebar” at the bottom to make more room for the featured posts and other content (including Google Adsense, of course) in the upper area. Some of the codes are re-used from its predecessor, the Corporate WordPress theme. 🙂

Wanna give this WordPress theme a try? Download the theme now! Remember to show your new beautiful theme to all your friends. 🙂