Best Google Street View photos

Recently, there has been a lot of uproar about the introduction of street view feature in Google Maps. Street View enables users to see well, street view images of certain parts of several major cities, including those in the US, Australia and Japan.

This is of course very cool. From the looks of the panoramic images, they must have mounted several cameras on top of a vehicle in 360 degree views. Then as they drove along they snapped high-quality images to use in Google Maps. Although Google Street View is still very now, there are already tonnes of funny, weird and even sexy things spotted on Street View, and here are several we like the most.

Girls sunbathing

Girls sunbathing! Haha… this is really interesting. I am not really obsessed with privacy but for those who are, it could be a matter of concern.

Hot babes

Hot babes on a truck. You don’t see this everyday, do you?

Lens flare

This should be caused by lens flare. Looks like Google photographers need to be more careful next time.

Burning house

Google Street View even captures pictures of a burning house on Eagle Point Drive in Sherwood, Arkansas.

Google Street View

High school students getting naughty on the road! Looks like there is more reason for me to consider to move to Japan!

Love Hotel

A couple entering a Love Hotel in Japan. Luckily this picture was shot from the back and we couldn’t see their faces… 🙂

Photo shoot

A photo shoot in the park.

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