Microsoft iPhone

What will happen if we had Microsoft iPhone, especially if the phone is powered by the Windows Mobile core? Let me present you the Microsoft iPhone!

Oh boy, so many error messages and even the much dreaded blue screen of death! Haha, thank God this is merely a parody and is not really a Microsoft iPhone.

Anyway, many Zune fans have been hoping to see Microsoft making a phone that is as cool as the Apple iPhone and take on the later head to head. Lately, there seems to be a lot of talk going around at the moment about whether a ZunePhone is in the making. I bet a lot of people are assuming that its just a matter of time given the success that Apple have had turning the iPod into iPhone.

While Bill Gates himself seemed to deny such rumors, but this hasn’t stop ZunePhone parody to amuse us.

Microsoft ZunePhone vs Apple iPod. 🙂