Frostwire vs Limewire

Months ago, the original creators of Limewire, a popular bit torrent downloader, left and formed Frostwire. So, I decided to run a test to see which one is far more superior to the other. The tests in this little experiment consists of loadtime, looks, search results, download speed and other extra features.. But, enough talking. Let’s run the tests.

Let’s start off with something simple. In the first test, I tested to see how long each program takes to load. Frostwire started off strong with a load time of 5 seconds. So what about Limewire? Limewire took an extra second to load, meaning that Frostwire was slightly faster than Limewire.


Frostwire looks
Frostwire looks

It’s no beauty contest, they’re both the same. None of them look that different from the other. They both have the same tabs (well, Limewire has more tabs than Frostwire), and has that same basic structure. The only difference between the two is the color scheme. Frostwire’s color scheme uses blue and white, while Limewire uses green and white. Really, there’s no clear cut competition in terms of looks.

Limewire looks
Limewire looks

Search Results
One of our test was the search engine test. One method I did to see which one was better was test their search results. Since Limewire and Frostwire all contain pirated stuff, we instead used “kittens” for our search. When I typed “kittens” for an image search for Frostwire (btw, I was looking for kittens the animal, and people had all of these crazy “kitten” images), it showed the search result a lot faster than Limewire. Although Limewire’s search speed was slower than Frostwire, it had a lot more search results than Frostwire. By searching “kittens”, it showed 44 search results for “kittens”, while Frostwire showed 26. In the end, despite Limewire’s turtle search results, it clearly beats Frostwire in terms of the number of search results.

Download Speed
My last test was the download speed test. I tested the download speed of both contenders by downloading an episode of my favorite web series “Arby n Chief”. To keep it fair, I downloaded the same video for both Frostwire and Limewire. When I clicked the download link for both bit torrent downloaders, Frostwire savagely beat Limewire’s download time by 25 seconds (Frostwire downloaded the file in 15 seconds flat!)! Words could not describe how shocked I was when this outcome resulted. Clearly Frostwire had a faster download time than Limewire.

Extra Features

Frostwire chat
Frostwire chat

The only extra feature Frostwire has that Limewire doesn’t is the community chat feature (e.g. chatroom). Everything else is identical.

So who won?
Although it wasn’t a clear cut competition, Frostwire is probably the better bit torrent downloader compared to Limewire. Despite the fact that Frostwire does not have a larger number of search results and looks almost identical to Limewire, its download speed, chat room feature and load time is the number reason why you should go with this bit-torrent downloader.