Jump start your car without opening the bonnet

Let’s get away from the usual IT and blogging related stuff today, and check out this cool device which I believe you will love to have it.

You know how it goes! You are just going out for a meal or something, it’s raining cats and dogs and when you get to your car the battery is flat. The best thing that can happen is that someone can help you with a jump start, but this means getting greasy and dirty fiddling about under the bonnet.

But this is not how it needs to be anymore, sure you may end up with a flat battery, but with the Closed Hood Car Jump Starter, there is no longer a need to pop the bonnet and therefore you can remain clean and dry! Very cool and unbelievable indeed!

Jump start cable

The device works quite simply, you get a friendly passer by to stop and plug the device into both cigarette lighters and while the other car remains running it is charging up your battery, simple like that! Now this is what carefree motoring should be all about and for less than US$20 it’s cheaper than a taxi ride of course.

Product features at a glance

  • Connects via the cigarette lighter outlets and allows you to jump start your car without opening the hood
  • 5-10 minutes charging time
  • Green indicator light lets you know your car is ready to start
  • Long 18 foot cord ensures the two vehicles need not be too close together

Easy quick jumper

Anyone wants to order one Easy Quick Jumper today?