Wi-Fi and loose change mean broadband access

There is something definitely British about the coin operated broadband base station made by Handlink. You simply put your coins into the slot and take the ticket that is printed out with all of the details needed to log into the system.

Wifi machine

It is expected that these machines will be located in public places such as railway stations, shopping malls and just about anywhere else where a Wi-Fi network could be of use.

The device supports 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi connections and once you have your details any Wi-Fi enabled device such as laptops, PDA’s and some portable games machines can be quickly connected.

Unfortunately there are no details on what the costs are, so it is difficult to recommend what sort of loose change will be required. However it would be probably more like pound coins rather than 10p’s.

Naturally free Wi-Fi is preferable, but in places where a free connection is not available then maybe coin operated Wi-Fi is the answer, you just have to love the idea of popping in a few coins and getting onto the Internet, no bills and no nasty surprises when your mobile broadband bill comes in.

Source: Tech Radar, Coin-op Wi-Fi introduced