Mac vs PC vs Linux hilarious video

Have you seen the awesome and hilarious Mac versus PC parody video created by Gabriel Schwarzer? If you haven’t you can watch it at Mac vs. PC: South Park style.


There are too many Mac vs PC videos on the Internet, some of them are not short of creativity, but this little animation from Gabriel Schwarzer certainly puts a fresh twist onto this by doing the commercial in South Park Style! Check it out!

As if the original parody video is not enough, now Gabriel Schwarzer is back with a sequel. This time we will see Linux in the cast. Check out this latest video Mac vs PC vs Linux.

Both Mac and PC make fun at Linux because on the Linux platform, you certainly will have a hard time finding good games, good Excel spreadsheet programs and good video editing software. But before yow know it, Mac hangs and PC halts with the dreaded blue screen! It’s so funny and wacky! 🙂

While many may not be fans of South Park, the style of animation used in these videos is unique and creative. The videos are easy to understand and brings out the shortcomings of each operating system.

South park

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