Sigma APO 200-500 mm f2.8 lens

Check out this huge ass DSLR lens from Sigma. Not surprisingly, this lens looks like a missile launcher because it’s focal length reaches 500mm but the aperture remains big at f2.8.

Sigma lens

If 500 mm isn’t enough for you, a dedicated 2x Tele Converter is supplied with the lens as standard and it can be used to change into a 400 – 1000 mm F5.6.

I think this lens is perfect for World Cup, Wimbledon, F1 racing, and any other events which requires a fast lens with super zoom capabilities. However, take a closer look at the picture (courtesy of, you need a big custom-made tripod for this lens. And since it should be very heavy, I guess you need a helper to carry this beast around too.

Cost wise could be close to a bungalow in Bandar Utama. Photo kakis, wanna get one or not? 🙂

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