KFC offers free WiFi hotspots in Malaysia

It has really been a while since I last updated this blog… blame my long absence on the long Chinese New Year break and on the lack of Internet facilities in the town I am in now. Anyway, I was extremely glad to find that KFC actually offers free WiFi hotspot here. I am not sure if this is true for other KFC branches in Malaysia, but I don’t care… I grabbed my laptop, booked a nice table and setup my laptop ready for a few hours of blogging work.


In fact the day before I have already identified that table as it’s the only one near to a power socket. You need a power socket for your laptop to run a few hours, right? 🙂

However, what I totally miscalculated was that their Internet didn’t work! I could connect to the router, but it failed to connect to the Internet… local access only! Frustrated, I checked with the staff… not surprisingly they didn’t know anything. 🙂


At one point, I tried to hack into the configuration of the router… Let me check if your router really works or not!

The branch manager was very helpful though… he spent nearly an hour troubleshooting his router setup but in the end gave up… time to call Streamyx he claimed!

Big problem. How would I update my blog now?! I can’t afford to not update it otherwise you all will think that I have “close shop” already. Haha… anyway, before long I found a simple looking cafe which doubles as a cyber-cafe. Upon inquiry, I was delighted to find they can give me free WiFi access… hahaha…

WiFi Hotspot

Obviously, this wasn’t a good place to use a computer. It’s too bright until I can only see my own face. Needless to say, I was utmost glad there’s another table at the back of the cafe where I could use and I happily moved there!

Huge emails

Now, excuse me please… I have not 20, but 1184 emails to download and read. 🙂

I definitely welcome free WiFi access facility at KFC, and this is of course a very good move ahead of McDonalds. But, I think it would be much better if they can provide more reliable WiFi facility and have more tech savvy personnel service and check the access to make sure they are OK before they put up that “FREE WiFi Available@KFC” banner.

WiFi Hotspots