I own an Apple iPhone

What is the latest and hottest gadget in Malaysia? iPod? Microsoft Zune? No,… I don’t think so. I think it has to be Apple iPhone. Let me do a very quick and simple review of the Apple iPhone which I merely owned for 30 minutes. Haha, actually it belongs to my colleague and he only loaned me for 30 minutes to play with… but it’s enough to fall in love with this futuristic phone!


Overall, I would say the phone is not perfect. Nothing is. But it’s certainly far ahead of it’s competitors in many areas. Let me detail them below.

Apple iPhone

The phone is mainly occupied by a hugh glass screen which is a joy to use. Smudges might be an issue, but it’s really minor. When my fingers glide over the screen, I am amazed at the beautiful wonders my small fingers can do. The responsiveness and sensitivity of the screen is really good.

There are physical buttons for Home, volume, ringer silence and sleep/power off. The only physical button on the front is the round Home button. Surprisingly, I find it requires a little more pressure than I expected. I’m not sure whether I wasn’t pressing it hard enough or what… sometimes I need to hold it momentarily to get a response. Not sure if it’s the same on other iPhones.

iPhone picture

When you need to enter text, for example in entering a URL in the safari web browser, the phone automatically brings up the virtual keyboard, and lets you enter the text. This virtual keyboard might need some practice to get used to, but within my 30 minutes of using this phone I have totally enjoyed using it to bang aways URLs in the safari web browser. Apple actually say you can use two or more fingers when you are pro in using the virtual keyboard… haha, is that possible?

iPhone photo

Another great feature has to be the unique multi-touch gesturing system. Scrolling through lists of phone numbers, web pages and etc, is really effortless. You may need a little of get-used-to, but it will not take long believe me. Very soon you will love the intuitiveness of pinching and spreading to zoom out/in a page. It’s so easy and fun to use an iPhone!

One of the most important feature of the iPhone which I haven’t tested is the calling functionality. It isn’t my phone remember? But according to my colleague, the clarity and quality of calls have exceeded his expectations. He added that it’s easy to navigate to the favorites and place a call with one hand. Thanks for the home button and the large touch screen.

iPhone review

Now, let’s enjoy the following great demonstration of the Safari web browser. The phone connects easily to my D-Link wireless modem router through WIFI. Just enter the appropriate IP address, default gateway and all the other usual stuff, and viola it gets connected instantly.

See how I turn the screen around and it changes from Portrait to Landscape and vice versa. This only works in certain applications such as Safari and the camera though. Safari should be the best browser of all mobile phones and PDAs.

Pay attention to what comes out when I search for “malaysia problogger” in http://www.google.com.my. 😀

I haven’t tried many other features of the phone which include the bluetooth, ringtones, email, google maps, … and many others. Perhaps at another time when my colleague isn’t looking, I will steal his much treasured iPhone for yet another quick review on these areas. 🙂