IT World, Mid Valley Megamall

Not too long ago, I brought you on a tour to Digital Mall. This is of course a good place to check out or buy whatever latest gears and gadgets you want, including the latest iPhone and iPod Touch. But for KL or even some Petaling Jaya folks, IT World at Mid Valley Megamall should be more popular especially if you have a family.

IT World

Folks with a family can head over to the IT World for a quick update on the latest IT gadgets… just browse and play with the latest iPhone, HTC PDAs, iPod Touch… talk cock with the very friendly salesmen… while the wives and girlfriends are busy with making up their hair, doing their nails, trying the smoking hot dresses; and the children are busying reading in MPH. Don’t you think this is a great place?! 🙂

IT World Mid Valley

Great it may sound, but this place was very quiet when I was there last weekend. Many would expect a place like this should be busy and happening, but it was very quiet… so quiet that the salesmen could talk cock with you for half an hour.

IT World Mid Valley

Problem was there were no pretty salesgirls, otherwise I would be more than happy to bring you a few more shots. 🙂

Other than that, you can find a lot of things here, from computers to mobile phones and all their accessories. You can even get your website done here! Web design made simple and easy!

Build your own website

Build your own website! Notice there are plenty of laptops there, I wonder if we could use one of the laptop and get a website up and running right there in an hour? 🙂