Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya

If I told you I have never went to Digital Mall before, you might not believe me. But, that’s totally true, and today’s visit was my first time there since its opening earlier this year.

Digital Mall

Located in Section 14, Petaling Jaya (diagonally opposite of Jaya Shopping Centre), Digital Mall offers folks from PJ and the surrounding areas, myself included, a convenient place for their IT and gadget needs. Now, we do not have to go all the way to Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur… hate the traffic jam, and pricey parking coupons!

Digital Mall, PJ

Digital Mall offers the latest in computer hardware and software technologies, mobile phones, gadgets and other digital products with its “everything digital under one roof” concept.


MP3 players, MP4 players, hard disk players, iPods, … you name it, you can find it here.

Mac Ox

Digital Mall is very similar to Low Yat, only that the former is less happening, aka a little quiet. Not as many patrons. In a way, it’s good also because you get to chat with the free salespersons and you can bargain with them more freely.

Another thing worth mentioning is the major broadband operators in Malaysia were seen promoting their services in Digital Mall. First there was iZZi who had a counter right at the entrance of the mall. Remember, last time we talked about the iBurst technology they employ in their 4G wireless broadband in Malaysia? I don’t have much confidence in them so I didn’t check what’s their offering this time. But I guess it’s pretty standard and has not changed much compared to last time.


Right in front of the mall, we spotted a hugh van housing the Celcom Broadband test center. They have promoters at the entrance of the mall to usher the public onto the van to see how great is their broadband.

Celcom broadband

The van looked quite mysterious so I decided to hop on to have a look. They had a few laptops inside. The Internet speed was reasonable… didn’t check how many MBPS but reasonably fast. Didn’t stay too long as there were other curious people coming up so I bid them farewell.

So, where’s Maxis broadband?

Sure they were there. Their people were distributing brochures in front of Jaya Shopping Centre. Three young male promoters to be exact. Ah… Maxis, I expect you to do better. Setup a counter, a van or something… at least get some young sexy girls as promoters lar… 🙂

That concludes my Digital Mall tour. What gadget did I get?… let you know at another time. 🙂