Paypal has a new logo and design

If you received an email from Paypal recently saying that it has a new logo, don’t panic this time because it’s from Paypal. An easy to verify if it’s an legitimate email sent from Paypal is to look at the link in the email. Hover your mouse over the link and look at the domain […]

Bandar Bukit Puchong family day

It’s time to get away from the usual gadget posts. Today is a big day for Bandar Bukit Puchong 2 residents especially families with kids because this community was having this family day thingy which they called “Sukaneka Kemerdekaan 50” in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th independence. I just got back from the park where they […]

iPod now supports touch screen

Well, what have we missed out? Even before the shadows of iPhone is in Malaysia, Apple have just launched a new generation of their ever popular media player iPod. This time it’s called the iPod Touch which as the name suggests supports revolutionary multi-touch user interface much like an iPhone does.

The other definition of a woman

Let’s take a break and enjoy a laugh. This is just a joke I received and is to be taken lightly. No harm intended. 🙂 Looks like this is a question in a test or something… the student who answered this scored A+! The teacher must be a woman! LOL.

Can we have two sim cards in one mobile phone?

I have finally decided to embrace Maxis after suffering from mental disorder due to not being able to receive calls and smses from my girlfriends. One of them even threatened that she will leave me if she still failed to hear my voice before she goes to bed. One is not a big deal, but […]

Top broadband speeds in the world

Picture tells a thousand words. Check this comparison graph showing countries with the top broadband speed in the world. Surprisingly Japan tops the list and not the United States as most would expect… Don’t ever mention Malaysia here OK. It will be a joke of the year if you did that! Click for bigger picture […]

Boost Streamyx connection speed?

I was in Mid Valley Megamall the other day and happened to walk past a computer store in the IT Center. The 3 hugh antennas on this Dlink router caught my attention. Why do you need 3 antennas on a router? Upon further inspection, I realized it’s to boost the wireless range of the router […]