I can play thousands of MP3 songs with my MP3 FM modulator

How come you never remind me? I told you I bought a really nice gadget from PC Fair earlier this month which I would like to show you… but I got carried away with other posts and nearly forgot about it… you should have reminded me. Anyway, it’s this little MP3 FM Modulator.

MP3 FM Modulator

I had no plans to buy anything at the PC Fair… just wanted to look see look see what latest gadgets they had. Of course the booth babes were somehow more attractive! LOL. Anyway, the price of the MP3 FM Modulator has dropped tremendously, half a year ago it was probably going at RM120 a piece. Now, I got it at a bargained price of RM63.

This is actually a third generation of MP3 FM Modulators. The prior generations were not as feature rich. This time they include a tiny screen on the device which displays useful information such as the MP3 file that is being played… leave you no room for guessing the song name. It even comes with a remote controller… useful to allow backseat passengers more control on the device.

Car MP3 player

I mentioned it can support up to thousands of songs, right? Yes, don’t get over surprised because this can be achieved as the device accepts SD, MMC and thumb drives. So, if you get a hugh thumb drive such as an 8GB version, then you can have your whole MP3 songs collection in your car! Long journey traveling will never be so boring again. 🙂