Streamyx slow? Is there any alternative broadband in Malaysia?

UPDATE 8 April 2009
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I have heard enough of complaints on Streamyx slow, Streamyx sucks, Tmnut, etc etc… I myself have had enough frustration with Streamyx for the past few years. When Streamyx decides to disconnect you will have no choice but to call the technical support which walks you through the same trouble shooting process that by now I am so familiar with I can even tell you word by word how to carry it out.

Streamyx alternative

Anyway, you can join efforts with other Streamyx users, or switch to an alternative broadband in Malaysia. Streamyx is not the only ISP here. In fact there are more than 15 ISPs in Malaysia!

Check out a comprehensive list of ISPs in Malaysia. However, this list may not be very up to date. I can spot a couple of outdated data. For instance, Maxis wireless broadband actually starts at RM68 per month. A pretty good deal as it includes the modem rental and also unlimited access.

Frankly, I haven’t tried anything else apart from Streamyx and Tmnet dialup. Have you tried Maxis 3G wireless, or the somewhat similar offer from Celcom? Would definitely like to hear about these.