Transformers shoes

There days there are so many blogs talk about Transformers. Some went to the movie and give a review about it in their blog. Some say it’s a very nice and must watch movie, and of course there are a few who say it’s a lousy one. But, I bet you will like what I am going to show you next: Transformers Shoes!

Nike shoes

Does the shoe above look like a Transformer to you? No? Nothing like Optimus Prime, Jazz, Ironhide, or Ratchet?… wait till you twist and turn that thing!

Transformers shoes

Now, finally you can step on a Transformer – the Nike version, that’s it.


Two variants are currently available, Nike Convoy and Black Megatron. However, these are strictly meant for collectors only as they’re half scale models, so you won’t be able to actually wear them. I can’t imagine that they would be comfortable to wear anyways.