Free anti-virus software

These days, computer viruses are more sophisticated, smart and aggressive than ever. However, with the proper anti-virus software in place, you can confidently keep your data safe and your computer free of infection. But the price to pay for these anti-virus software such as Norton Anti-virus and McAfee suites is a hefty sum.

AVG Antivirus

Thankfully there are free anti-virus software out there for download. Today I am going to introduce you one of them which is AVG Free Edition.

Free anti-virus software may be the only option for those on a limited budget such as myself. But don’t look down on all free software, because although it’s free AVG Anti-virus is light on resources, heavy on protection. AVG Free Edition comes with the standard set of features for an average anti-virus, such as custom scanning or scheduling, but I was impressed to notice the Rescue Disk Wizard, an excellent tool that can help you repair damage done by virtual intruders, if such a disaster do happen!

The good part about AVG Free Edition is that it comes with an Email Scanner that can help you get excellent protection together with the Resident Shield, while the Virus Vault enables you to enter the world of known viruses and find out more about them. 🙂

AVG anti-virus free edition is ideal for private, non-commercial use. Get free protection against viruses, worms and trojans today!