NVIDIA Tegra fights Intel Atom and Snapdragon

Get ready for a crash course in net-capable consumer electronics devices, we will be looking at two new architectures that promises to give stiff competition to Intel’s Atom microprocessor and it’s only going to get confusing if you don’t pay attention. Things started off with Intel releasing their Atom processor aimed at low-priced low-power netbooks […]

NVIDIA Ion Goes Official

If you have been following the NVIDIA Ion story, you should know by now the long and challenging history faced by this diminutive platform as it faced down rivals from Intel and their criticisms about the viability of such a platform. There is even a rumor that the exasperated NVIDIA might be approaching and buying […]

NVIDIA Ion platform

More details have been revealed on NVIDIA’s Ion platform, and this is really good news for the future of low-cost netbooks out there. Essentially, the Ion platform is like Intel’s Centrino marketing brand; it basically means it’s a pairing of Intel’s Atom processor with NVIDIA’s 9400M GPU in a small and compact motherboard packaging. The […]

NVIDIA to launch GTX295 January 2009

In August, ATI, now a division of AMD finally pulled its socks together and put out what was possibly their best product yet with the launch of the Radeon 4xxx series of graphics card. Not only did they outperform their similarly classed Geforce 9xxx serious counterparts, they also smashed the performance crown with the 4879×2. […]

CUDA: Breaking the Intel & AMD Dominance

A few months ago, NVIDIA broke the news that they have acquired physics-processing company AGEIA, which manufactures the PhysX add-on card which didn’t do so well in the market. The result of that acquisition is only now starting to appear. A little bit of history lesson first; when NVIDIA first launched their Geforce 8 series […]