Getting the most out of your Netbooks

So you’ve caved into the corporate marketing machine and got yourself a fancy little netbook which looks like a smaller notebook and behaves exactly like one, just slower and more annoying to use due to the small keyboard and screen. Well, you get what you paid for, so what can you do to get the […]

HP Mini H110 Netbook

Meet my new baby… the HP Mini Netbook. Now I’m not a mini device freak…. Netbooks, PDAs or even iPhones. I got my iPhone before everyone else in Malaysia… around November 2007 I think. All I did was use it as a normal mobile phone, played a few games on it, used the super-duper browser […]

NVIDIA Tegra fights Intel Atom and Snapdragon

Get ready for a crash course in net-capable consumer electronics devices, we will be looking at two new architectures that promises to give stiff competition to Intel’s Atom microprocessor and it’s only going to get confusing if you don’t pay attention. Things started off with Intel releasing their Atom processor aimed at low-priced low-power netbooks […]

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

Look at your notebook, isn’t it boring? Have you ever dreamed of a notebook with cool, fancy and fashion designs? Now we are glad to introduce a perfect mini notebook for you… Introducing HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition, this mini notebook is what they call the “High fashion meets high tech”. This mini notebook […]

Latest Apple updates

Every now and again, Apple likes to update their product lineup and this has happened rather consistently in 12-month intervals. However, they have been pretty busy lately with the commercial success of the iPhone and iPod Touch that left their desktop products languishing as other computer manufacturers push out newer products. Well, Apple has finally […]