Google New: So What’s Really New At Google?

These days, with so many new features, software, browsers, plug-ins, and whatnots, coming out of the Mountain View, California company, how does one keep up with the relentless outpouring of new stuff from Google? Easy! **With triumphant music blaring in the background!** Introducing the new Google New! Google New is a one-stop page to help […]

How to access Google Instant even if it is not available to your country

By now, you would have heard of Google Instant, which is Google’s most recent improvement to their search engine. It is kinda like a digital version of Instant Coffee, getit? First deployed by Google since Sept 8, 2010, and so far only available on Google domains in United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Russia […]

How To Make Gmail Your Default Email Client

Sometimes, you really need to keep things simple. You don’t really want the full power of a Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail, Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird to handle the simple job of shooting an email as these programs tend to be overloaded. This is when promoting Gmail to the lofty position of default email client […]

Google Nexus One revealed, evolutionary but not revolutionary.

Google promised they would deliver news on their famous Nexus One phone and they have delivered just that when they revealed all the details regarding the GPhone earlier this week. However the excitement (as witnessed from live Twitter feeds) gradually waned as it represents no significant differences from existing Android phones, but does showcase the […]

New Google Phone, Nexus One

The net has been abuzz lately ever since rumors that Google is actively participating in creating a phone running on their Android platform. Unlike Android-running phones from companies like HTC and Motorola, this phone will be designed directly by Google to be the true ‘Google Experience Phone’. With such a mighty promise, one is certainly […]

Blind Testing your Search Engine: Yahoo, Google or Bing!

This pretty cool website allows you to run a blind test on the three major search engines at the moment, Yahoo, Google and Microsoft’s Bing!. Now, search results have always been a very tight competition between tech companies as it is probably the main website that people visit and being ‘famous’ for providing consistent and […]