File Sharing evolves: DHT, PEX and Magnet explained

For many of us who are reliant of Bit Torrent to access content, significant efforts started by copyright holders have slowly chipped away at the technology and rightfully so as many corporate figures view the technology as a threat to their business model and prefer to follow a raze-and-burn tactic rather than see how to […]

Encrypted Bit Torrent is future of file sharing

The founders of Pirate Bay, one of the largest public bit torrent piracy website, is now in court fighting a legal battle over whether they have committed any wrongdoing by directing users to illegal content, even though none of the content actually reside on Pirate Bay’s servers. The RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) has […]

Frostwire vs Limewire

Months ago, the original creators of Limewire, a popular bit torrent downloader, left and formed Frostwire. So, I decided to run a test to see which one is far more superior to the other. The tests in this little experiment consists of loadtime, looks, search results, download speed and other extra features.. But, enough talking. […]