Viber App Lets You Call, Text For Free Over 3G & Wi-Fi

The world is getting smaller with the advent of technology that allows us to connect to each other over long distances almost instantaneously. With Viber’s VoIP app, this is all the more true as it lets you call or text any one of your friends who also has the app installed.

Real-Time Speech Translation with Google Translate for Android

Here’s another translation app for you guys, and this time it’s with a twist. Remember the iphone app Wordlens that does real-time translation of text? Well, Google has taken that a step further and has added a feature on Google Translate in translating speech in real-time. Check out the video demo here.

New Google Phone, Nexus One

The net has been abuzz lately ever since rumors that Google is actively participating in creating a phone running on their Android platform. Unlike Android-running phones from companies like HTC and Motorola, this phone will be designed directly by Google to be the true ‘Google Experience Phone’. With such a mighty promise, one is certainly […]

Install Android on your HTC Windows Mobile phones

Google, the land of milk and honey, have smashed open the smartphone market when they released their Android platform for free to developers and in one fell swoop, gave a huge stride forward for smartphones everywhere. Traditionally, the smartphone market relied on specific operating systems such as Nokia’s Symbian, Palm’s PalmOS and Apple with their […]

Google announces new Google Chrome OS

In an exciting but anticipated announcement, Google has recently unveiled their intention to create a new operating system based on the Google Chrome web browser which seeks to rethink the way an OS is supposed to work. Chrome Web Browser Chrome was a successful web browser that is written from scratch to have a focus […]

iPod Touch on Android?

I think it would be much easier if they marketed this as a cheaper iPod Touch running on Android. However, the unfortunately named GiiNii Movit does have some potential brewing underneath the funny name. First of all the specs… it packs a 4.3-inche touchscreen goodness and a resolution of 480×272, which is a tad smaller […]