Speed up Firefox

More and more Internet users are using Firefox each day, some of them just like myself may even have forgotten what is IE already. But, do you know of a nifty trick that will speed up Firefox, especially if you are on broadband (such as Streamyx)? What the trick basically does is you configure the […]

Which antivirus is the best?

If you still remember, we talked about AVG free antivirus software not too long ago; which is a very useful and free software to have on your computer to help you against antivirus threats. The other free antivirus software that I like is Avast. These two are free antivirus software, but if you are willing […]

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium is here!

After so much of waiting, Adobe has finally launched the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium, an offering of tightly integrated, design and development tools for virtually every creative workflow. Adobe’s new Creative Suite 3 (CS3) line-up offers a look at what the merger of Adobe and Macromedia can bring to the table for designers […]