Coronavirus – Wear your Face Mask Properly

Let’s take a break from tech and address more serious matters today… the spread of coronavirus. So if you need to wear a face mask, what is the correct mask to wear and how to wear it properly? I decided to do some research and this is what I gathered

OK this is the typical mask most people wear. It’s a surgical mask which has a “white” (lighter) side and “blue” (darker) side.

Apparently this is the most common version floating around…. The white side has the filter. If you are well and don’t want to breathe in germs/polluted air, wear the mask with the blue side inwards and white side outwards. If you are unwell and don’t want to spread your germs to others, wear the mask with the white side inwards and blue side outwards.

However a more recent version is that there is only one correct way to wear your mask, that is the blue side (the side with the downward folds) has to face outwards. Most surgical masks have 3 layers, the blue (outer) layer which serves to repel fluid. The middle layer is a barrier to germs while the inner layer absorbs moisture. Apparently the purpose of the blue layer is to prevent germs from sticking onto the mask. But if you wear the mask with the white side facing out, air moisture will stick on it and make it easier for germs to stick around.  More info >>

Searching around, I found that Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection has a good and detailed explanation in support of this. Download the document here >>

So what about N95 masks, do they help? Apparently not, according to Singapore’s Health Ministry which is advising the general public to wear normal surgical masks instead of N95. Normal surgical masks are more practical and helps block large particle droplets from entering your mouth and nose. However N95 masks are tight fitting and designed to filter small airborne particles. If worn properly, it makes breathing difficult. If not worn properly, you are not protected from the air particles anyway. More info >>