MiiCraft High-Quality 3D Resin Printer

3D printers, I can never get enough of them. We’ve seen many makes and models, and many more materials that can be used in the making of your 3D creations. We’ve also seen many ways these printers function, from extrusion to carving.

Now, there is the MiiCraft, and it’s able to print in high-resolution, unlike the printers we’ve seen before, which only have rough edges and limited resolution.

The MiiCraft is a project on Indiegogo (it’s similar to Kickstarter) that aims to bring a more affordable high-resolution 3D printers to backers who want to invest in one.

Most 3D printers have a limit on how small an object to be created can be. Especially in extrusion printers, which can go only as small as the nozzle is. Another method of 3D printing is the fusing of the selected material in a powder bed, which is used as support for the printed object. This has some advantages over the extrusion method, but resolution here is limited as well.

The MiiCraft uses the third kind of printing method, which is by using a digital projector to shine light into a pool of liquid resin, that hardens under the light. This allows for a much higher amount of detail compared to that of an extrusion system. The resin material also comes in various colours and opacities that allow for much higher variety than with your usual 3D printers.

Although the MiiCraft is not targeted to first-time users, with its hefty price of over US$2000, but if you have some knowledge of 3D printing and want a more accurate printer, this is one for you.

Funding will end in about 20 days time, so if you’re serious, go invest in one of these printers.

I love that all these 3D printers are popping out now. I’d love to get my hands on one of them even if I am not a serious hobbist. Just thinking of the things I can produce makes me itch for one, the price tag is still a little high for me. Maybe one day these printers will be affordable for me, but for now I think I am content to just use a service like Shapeways.