Wallpaper Helps You Deter WiFi Thieves

WiFi networks are prevalent everywhere, nowadays with less people wanting the hassle of tethered Internet. Many wireless devices require WiFi or 3G to connect to the Internet.

What is most annoying about having WiFi is the people who will try to piggyback on your open network or try to hack your password. With this coated wallpaper however, you will never have to worry about freeloaders ever again. Unless of course, they are inside your own house.

Grenoble INP Phd student Fabien De Barros and the Centre Technique du Papier in France have developed this wonderful wallpaper that is coated with silver-crystals that is able to block certain wireless frequencies, which just happens to be the same as a WiFi router’s frequency.

Why not just block unauthorised users by setting up a password-protected network though? The best security one could have with one’s wireless network would be to secure it with encryption. The downside of doing this, especially outside of one’s home would be the hassle of having to share the passwords with authorised users of said network.

There are still some kinks that need to be worked out of this invention, as the wallpaper cannot block signals if you have a window (and I certainly hope you won’t wallpaper over your windows, signal blocking or not). The inventors are still working on a clear coating of protection equal to that of the wallpaper.

Who would buy this technology? It’s hard to say, because unless you’re working out of your windowless basement or a closet, you’re likely not going to be able to put the wallpaper to full use.

Personally, I’ll stick to my encrypted WiFi at home for now, because that’s a free solution, but until my neighbours stop trying to hack onto my WiFi, there may be consideration for this invention yet.