New Eco-Friendly Waterproof Coating Protects Your Phone And The Planet

The water and electronics go together like fire and ice, they are foes to be forever separated. Keeping our electronics away from water is the best way to avoid any catastrophes, but accidents do happen. Ever dropped your phone into a puddle? Or worse into the pool, or the sea?

This is why Daikin Industries is developing a new coating, for the use on circuit boards of mobile phones. Not only is the coating water-resistant and also moisture-resistant, it is also environmentally friendly.

Making mobile phones waterproof is not new technology, with plenty of phones in Japan that are made waterproof. These mobile phones however, can only keep water out, by sealing any cracks and holes that may allow for water leakages.

Watch a video demonstration of the product here.

Building on top of these designs, the waterproof coating is developed to give an extra layer of protection to the phone, on top of having a waterproof outer casing. The coating dries as a thin film, and circuit boards are coated just by dipping into the solvent. It takes only one minute to dry at room temperature, so it could be said that the coating works immediately after applied.

The coating is not intended for full protection from water, but it is made to heighten waterproofing standards, and also to reduce malfunctions should any accidents happen. The coating is non-flammable and is of low toxicity, which makes for an environmentally friendly product.

I own a waterproof phone, and it is so only because the makers have sealed all its little crevices, and covered its connectors with a lid. Even so, I have been reluctant to get the thing wet. Maybe with this waterproof coating inside on the circuit boards, I might be more relaxed to handle it near water. It makes you wonder if this coating can be expanded to use on devices such as laptops. I’d definitely love a waterproof laptop.